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The Night Cap is a comedic, interactive live video broadcast that combines humour, social commentary and good old-fashioned fun all in one place! 

The Night Cap began in Australia in 2007, first as a radio show on at 9:00PM on a Sunday night before moving to 3 other stations and various time slots. In 2019 as the world changed, so did The Night Cap, becoming one of the most interactive streaming shows on the internet.

Your input is what makes the show so much fun!

Each week, during the show, The Captain asks three (3) questions on our Facebook group the day before we go live. During the show your answers are read out live on-air by the team.

You can also join the fun by entering the Messenger Chat that accompanies our Facebook page and have direct input into the show as it goes out LIVE on YouTube!

Because we have over 15 years of history, there are many, many in-jokes and references to things that happened long ago...why are old people attracted to the Question Time Bell

How far would a line of ex co-hosts reach? What is Yoodling

So much of the show depends on you – even ourmerch is based on Nation feedback and suggestions! 

Who wouldn't want to be part of this incredible, intergalactic and interactive mayhem?


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