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Here is your handy reference guide to some of the in-jokes and people/events that are regularly referred to during the show -

Money for the Bus – at the infamous Wagga Cap, a guest of the Night Cap had a guest in his room who, when she wanted to leave, stated that REDACTED said you'd give me money for the Bus...”

Ex co-hosts – *sigh*...there are many, many former co-hosts who have served beside The Captain. Some lasted, some didn't. Roughly three of them are fondly remembered and the rest, as The Captain says: “are dead to me”.

It is said that if all the former co-hosts were laid head-to-toe, they would reach from Melbourne to Mildura...

Here's a listof ex co-hosts, if you're interested...

Pete Evans – an idiot. Also runs some cult-like bullshit called the NightCap, obviously trying to cash in on our fame. Tosser.

Merkel – wow. 

Merkel joined the Nation by phoning the show one night, after she appeared on A Current Affair earlier the same week. Fond of making personal attacks on other Nation Members, Merkel rage-quit after a very mild question in the chat. Not missed, but her legacy lives on.

Rowdy – oh boy.

In the dictionary, there's a picture of Rowdy under “loose cannon”.

Rowdy is random, rude, funny and incredibly generous. Likes a drink too. Rowdy came to us via The Captain's Cameo appearances (check them out here) and hasn't left, despite being banned by every major social media outlet world-wide. Rowdy occasionally makes an appearance via video, and it's always entertainingly bizarre.

The Bell – has its own page here.

Intergalactic Listeners/Viewers – we know they're out there...

Glory-hog – a description of The Captain which has led to a few co-hosts becoming ex co-hosts.

Tom Jones – singer of “Delilah”, an incredibly disturbing song featuring stalking, masturbation and murder. (See: Lyric Breakdown in the Show page).

Roll Call – The Captain issues a Roll Call in the Nation Chat just before the show begins. This is done to ensure that everyone participating in the show is recognised and greeted.

Sum Ting Wong – the show's legal adviser and diversity coordinator.

Frank Stallone – tea boy and gopher for The Captain. Only has a job because The Captain feels sorry for him.

Scuba TigerLyric Breakdown gave us this one. Scuba Tiger is the alternative chorus to the Dio heavy metal classic song “Holy Diver”.

A Feel in the Shower – during the Live Chat one night, a Nation Member mentioned that they'd been injured when they slipped while showering. Due to an unfortunate typo, they said they'd had a FEEL in the shower. Folklore was born.

Talk Amongst Yourselves – during a lull in the show, The Captain may declare “Talk Amongst Yourselves” while he deals with technical issues, copyright violations, family dramas or his dog.

The Craft Beer Pretty Boys – a loose cartel of viewers who choose to drink Craft Beers instead of real beer, like real people. You can even buy a CBPB T-shirt if you're weird.

Testigreat – The Night Cap's brilliant answer to the incredibly dopey-sounding “amazeballs”.

Yoodle/Yoodling – The Night Cap's very own religion! Unique amongst religions, Yoodling doesn't judge you or offer you something after you die – Yoodling is life and life is Yoodling. Distinguishable by our distinguished headwear and Night Cap apparel (buy some here!), fellow Yoodlers can recognise each other on the streets and give a knowing nod.

Phenergenurg – the indentation on the bottom of a coffee table, but you knew that already.

The Town Of Urana N.S.W - For some unknown reason The Captain has picked a fight with the town. We don't know what they did to him. But it's safe to say, don't visit there. 

Divisions – The Night Cap is so big, we needed to divide up the management of our various enterprises so that everything runs smoothly. Some of the more senior Divisions include:

  • Tech Division – led by Lieutenant Tech, this Division is responsible for the smooth and high-tech appearance of the show, seamlessly integrating new technology and providing tech support when required.

  • Crochet Division – Run by Secret Agent Ness, this highly skilled and secretive department is in charge of Yoodle Hats, G'day Cat gloves and other items we can't mention here...

  • Security – Protecting The Captain from ex co-hosts is a full-time job for these black-ops specialist operators.

  • Department of Revenge - Parking Nick.

Training – Due to the stringent requirements for entry into the ranks of The Night Cap Nation, each new member must undertake a long (nah) and difficult (not really) training phase. Your training is generally related to whatever The Captain decides it should be each week.

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