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In our 15 years-plus, the show has had one leader – The Captain.

Over the many thousands of episodes of The Night Cap, The Captain has been supported by many, many co-hosts. Some were good, some were pretty shit and one was the worst kind of human you could meet.

It is said that if all the ex co-hosts were laid head-to-toe, they'd reach from Melbourne to Mildura!

Come with us and meet some of those brave souls who have shared a studio with our illustrious leader -

M*** E* - an original co-host, waaaaay back in the day. Stayed with The Captain until her boots got too big and she got booted.

M*r I**** - another original co-host and one of the many beneficiaries of the Night Cap Marriage Service, he also got the arse after questioning The Captain's authority – also originated of The Captain's description as a “Glory-Hog”.

T** - undermined The Captain, stole his ideas and got us kicked off a radio station. What a dog.

T**-**** - another who used the phrase “glory-hog”. Hence his dismissal.

R**** W****** * C*** - couldn't get used to not talking over people and “quiet-quit” co-hosting.

R**** R** - went off the rails due the influence of K**** below, and left.

K**** - the biggest prick of the lot. A poisonous, pathological liar, sex pest, bludger and sycophant. It took us ages to rebuild after this drongo ruined a lot of things for a lot of people.

L** – was with us at 3MDR, had eyes for The Captain, lol.

A**** – retired due to being irrelevant.

C****** – with us at 3RPP, C****** was from Sydney, left due to travel issues.

M**C** – M* I****'s missus, see Mr I , above.

L****** – whore.

T** K** – works very hard, got married, had kids.

H** M****** – pretty useless, but was fucking T** K** at the time, so she was tolerated.

D***** D*** – faded away due to travel difficulties and work commitments.

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