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The Crew - Main Hosts
The Captain
Many words can be used to describe The Captain, but the best way to find out about him is to tune in and hear him take on the world...
The Captain is the Host of The Night Cap and he tries to keep some kind of control in the studio... but this is not always the case. If he gets on a Rant... god help the world!
He has a way of keeping the mood going and his quick come-backs are what make him a funny man to listen to. He takes the mickey out of everyone and everything... he is quoted as saying, "If I offend you, don't worry, coz I will offend someone else soon and you will laugh."


Kim is the Admin and Co Owner of the show and spell checks all of the Captain's work. She is smart, witty and downright sexy... But don't get the wrong idea guys... She is also the Captains Main girl.  She does appear on the show from time to time but spends most of her time online, keeping track of The Captain and raising their wonderful family.

Parking Nick  

Often called the Exective Producer of The Night Cap, Parking Nick joins The Captain every
show, adding his unique views and insights into every topic.
Every so often Parking Nick hosts the show's Metal Nights, when the music gets hard and
heavy, but the topics are still fun!


Secret Agent Ness   

From the locked and sealed CIA files we gain S.A Ness resume and we knew then and there that she would be the right fit for the job. S.A Ness skill of crocheting hidden messages and codes into Gloves and Jumpers qualified her to be the head of The Night Cap Crochet divison. Catch her every Monday night on the show


The Crew - Guest Co Hosts

The Kev

Who is The Kev? Know one really knows where The Kev came from, he just kinda came on the show once and now lives under the studio. He is a very funny quick-witted bloke that loves anything that the Captain has to say. He backs him on most of the comments made and then takes it to a new level. We here at The Night Cap love The Kev and keep feeding him so he comes back

Queen Bee

The Self proclaimed Queen Bee turns up from time to time to cause havoc and pretends to rule. She is quick with a joke and easy to confuse, which makes The Captain happy he has someone to mess with. Be aware though guys, she bites. 


This ex front liner for the USA NFL team The Bronco's, Tezza is by far one of the strongest women that has been on the show. She could pick you up and throw you into trouble. 
She can be heard in the studio giggling like a school girl high on sugar.

A truly awesome cook. Tezza keeps us well fed with her cakes!! 

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